Musica Viva

Last week Margaret River Primary were treated to a special musical performance by Mara, this year’s Musica Viva travelling ensemble. They brought with them a special style and some very interesting instruments. Musica Viva’s website describe Mara! as: multi-award winning masters of world music and in constant demand all over the globe. Centred around the […]

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Gokarts Go Like the Wind

And the winning team was …… Canada!! Year 6 students returned from a very successful camp today to come to grips with the nuts and bolts of building their gokarts.  The oval was packed with parents and students working together to build gokarts – not just any gokarts but gokarts with attitude and style. Each […]

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Count Us In 2016 Video

What an exciting Music Count Us In event it was for Margaret River Primary this year!  Not only was it the 10th anniversary of the simultaneous joining of voices across the nation in song, but it was the year our school featured in the live streaming of the song “Let it Play!”  It truly was […]

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STEM Science Inquiry in T12

Our class has been learning about the Light Spectrum and investigating the reflection, refraction and absorption of light waves.  The materials we have used include stage lights, mirrors, various liquids and a variety of dense films. We have linked our inquiry topic, “Jandamurra of the Kimberley at Tunnel Creek” into this scientific investigation.  Students have […]

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